Winerest - Now locally shipped in the UK July 29, 2015 07:19

Wine glass holder for camping chairs - now available in the UK?

Apparently, in the UK, we have a summer. I know that it may be blink and you miss it fast, but it is reportedly there. And as soon as the sun breaches the clouds, we're often to be found out in the garden cremating sausages on the BBQ and with, naturally very responsibly, wine glass in hand as the camping chairs are produced.

"But wait", I hear the cry echo across this green and occasionally pleasant land, "but how can I prevent spillage of my wine, for I am indeed sat in a camping chair that lacks any sort of attachment for such a purpose."

Well, indeed, it has often been a pickle. 

But fret no more my friends, for Winerest has come to your rescue. Now available in the UK with free P&P and at a very reasonable price indeed, your wine glass can be cradled in delightful comfort and safety. Never again shall Chardoney be lost, or Rioja spilled. Every shape and size of wine glass will be accommodated, even for those who prefer their wine full of bubbles.

Securely attached to your camping chair, your wine glass will happily rest at your beck and call as the evening's shadows lengthen. For more details on how such an innovation came to be, please visit our FAQ page. For more details about UK shipping or orders, please contact