How does it attach to my chair?

Winerest® uses a single Velcro strap and simply velcros to the arm of your camping chair at the end of either arm. It works on fabric armed camping chairs, rigid armed camping chairs and even some non-camping chairs with arms. Ensure the hole of the Winerest is pointing forward and 'in- line' with the arm of the chair with the 'fabric lock' aperture orientated in your preferred direction of use. 

How does it work?

Slide the stem of your glass (up-to 15mm in width) through the fabric lock on the Winerest®. You then simply let the glass rest in the hole in the middle. Your glass is then effectively locked into place until you need it. The glass is gently cradled there and cannot be removed without first lifting the glass and sliding the stem out again. This is incredibly intuitive with the Winerest®, it is effortless to use and after your first use you will see why, it's almost as if the Winerest® wants to hold your glass.

Does it attach to other types of chairs?

Yes, Winerest® works on fabric armed camping chairs, rigid armed camping chairs and some non-camping chairs with arms. So Winerest® will attach to most chairs, however it is designed specifically for use with folding fabric camp chairs and may not fit other chairs due to their configuration. If you're not sure just email us, we are happy to give you an honest assessment.

Can I sit and stand with a full glass of wine in my Winerest®?

Yes, Winerest® will securely hold your glass and contents as you enter and exit your chair. So long as your glass isn't brimmed and you can transition from sitting to standing and vice-versa relatively smoothly you won't spill a drop. If however you have a glass that is perhaps 'generously' filled and you simply flop into the chair heavily you probably will spill some.

Can I use Winerest® Left handed?

Yes, Winerest® was designed from the outset to be completely ambidextrous. Simply turn the Winerest® over and attach it to the left arm. Some people also prefer a left to right entry and operation from their right hand or a right to left entry with their left. Again simply turn the Winerest® over, configuration and use is entirely up to you.

Can I order different colours for a Gift Pack or Half Dozen?

YES and it is the same price. Simply make an order and in the notes section of the checkout leave us a note specifying your colour choice, (eg. 2 x Green + 4 x Blue). If you forget to leave a note just send us an email via the contact us page as soon as you can after ordering and let us know. We like to do same day shipping so immediately is best.

Will it hold Champagne Flutes & other types of glasses?

Yes, Winerest® will hold any glass with a stem no more than 15mm in width and with a glass diameter no smaller than 50mm or in other words it will hold most wine glasses and champagne flutes. It will also hold small tester size glasses found on vineyards, martini glasses and even snifters. If you think your glass is smaller than 50mm in width please test carefully that Winerest® is 'securely' holding your full glass prior to use.

We also engineered the Winerest® to easily handle the larger style of wine glass preferred by some. We made sure the Winerest® could not only handle a large heavy glass but also a resting liquid volume of 500ml in that glass. You can see video of Winerest® holding different glasses by clicking here.

Is Winerest® washable?

Yes. Winerest® is constructed from the same rugged materials as most camping chairs. The fabric is stain and liquid resistant. We have tested it thoroughly; even with heavy red wine spillage it is effortless to keep clean. If you drop yours somewhere or miss with the bottle during a refill a little mild detergent and water can be used to clean and just hang it up to dry.

How long will it take to receive my order?

That depends upon where you live. Most people in Australia will receive their Winerest® in 2-5 days after payment. The same timescales apply in the US and the UK. In other international destinations it can take anywhere from 7 days to 30 days depending upon where you live and the delivery option you choose when placing your order. We would suggest you contact us before you place your order in this case.

I ordered 3 but only received 2 whats going on? (Australia)

For order in Australia of 3 or less we ship each Winerest® individually. It just works out cheaper for both you and us this way. We like to be able to offer free postage and if we shipped them together we would have to charge $8.25 shipping. Even though we will always ship your complete order on the same day, they sometimes arrive on different days, that's Australia Post for you. Please allow 24-48 hours for your complete order to arrive.

How much is shipping?

Within Australia and the UK shipping is free. If you are ordering from outside these countries there is a flat P&H charge.

Do I pay GST?

If you live in Australia YES. If you live outside of Australia you do not pay Goods and Services Tax. All prices include the relevant taxes.

If you have any questions not covered here please contact us, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.